Decatur Celebration Kids Guide



Decatur IL Mom’s Top Things for Kids at the Decatur Celebration

1.  Carnival

Family Night, Thursday from 4pm-11pm. All you can ride wristband, $20.
Click here for more information.  



2. Razzle Dazzle Parade – Saturday @ 10am

This fantastic parade is filled with unique marching units, creative floats, and bands giving their audience a memorable experience. Plus, it’s the only parade televised live in downstate Illinois – entertaining 400,000 homes with over 30,000 people attending.  You don’t want to miss this parade!  From a HUGE Caterpillar Dump Truck, upside down F150 and Fire Trucks to marching bands and costume characters it is sure to please everyone!


3. Kids Block

Come out to Kids Block where everything is kid oriented.  Open Friday 5-8pm.  Saturday 11-7pm.  Sunday 12pm-7pm.

Check out the schedule HERE

Presented by Busey Bank, Village of Forsyth, St. Mary’s Hospital, and the Macon County Sheriff’s Department.

Kids Block’s contests, games, and acts have been filling kids’ faces with smiles since 1986. Kids Block has been a longstanding part of the Decatur Celebration and we can’t wait to bring it back again for its 32nd year with more than ever before. Kids Block will feature returning acts like Awesome Squad, Wings of Wonder, and our many contests, but will also be featuring a Lowes building project, a live mermaid, The Children’s Museum, and drones!!

Awesome Squad makes their return debut on the Kids Block Stage on Saturday, August 5. The Squad just released their new CD “Perfect Day.” We are so excited to see them return with all of their awesome music.

Wings of Wonder are an organization from Champaign that rescues exotic birds. Children can come see the show and experience all the wonders the exotic birds have to show them. They will be returning to the Celebration again this year on Sunday, August 6.

Are you ready to get your tail on? Then be sure to check out Chelsea the Mermaid and her friend Ireland. Check out Chelsea’s 60lb dragon silicone tail while she performs in a 600 gallon tank. Mermaid Chelsea will also be offering makeup, story time, treasure digging, balloon animals, & more! Mermaid Chelsea will be featured all three days of the Celebration.

Kids Block is full of FREE games, activities, and fun contests for children! Each child leaves with at least one stuffed animal or toy. Plus, alcohol and smoking are not permitted in this family friendly area


4. Eat some food!

Our kids favorites were handout fries and Lemon Shakeups.  But there are TONS of options!  Check here for new food at the celebration!


5. Action Alley

On State Street between North & William

If you have a taste for adventure, you can find enough action to quench your craving in the all new Decatur Celebration Action Alley featuring:

  • Water Balls enable you to walk or float on water. You get inside the 6.5 foot diameter ball, the operator fills it up with air, they zip it up and you’re ready to go. You can walk, jump, roll and float on water in the large, shallow water “pond”. Walking and controlling the water ball is challenging, and definitely a good workout. Of course, balancing is tricky, but falls are painless as you are landing on water!
  • Zorb Balls is also known as the Human Hamster Balls. You get inside the giant sphere and enjoy rolling around and knocking into friends without the typical consequences of gravity.
  • The Boxing Ring is a bouncing floor meant for a little competition. Combatants take their corners in an inflatable boxing ring and come out fighting with big boxing gloves. It’s a fun and safe way to settle any score.
  • Foot Darts take one part darts and one part soccer to make a concoction for fun. Instead of throwing a dart at an 18-inch board 8 feet away why not kick a giant dart at a 10 foot round dartboard as much as 30 feet or more away.
  • Water Wars is the ultimate water balloon game! Water Wars is a game or competition–here is how you play: Opponents go to opposing battle stations with buckets of water balloons.  Each battle station has a water balloon launcher.  Place a balloon in the launcher, pull down on the handle, aim, and fire!  Your balloon soars high through the air and comes crashing down on your opponent’s battle station.  There are strategically placed slots and holes in the structure that allows the water to come through.  You might get sprinkled, sprayed, or saturated, but watch out, retaliation comes quickly!
  • Archery Tag is the hot new combat sport of bows and foam-tipped arrows! Just like dodgeball, the objective is to shoot arrows to eliminate your opponents … making sure not to get hit yourself!

6.  Awesome Squad at Kids Block

They will be performing in Kids black on Saturday at 2pm!



7. Face Painting

The Zoo Lady will be painting faces during Kids Block Times!


8. Miss Illinois Festival Pageant

It’s Time to Crown Miss Illinois Festival at Celebration!

Sunday, August 6 | Decatur Civic Center | 2PM

Decatur Celebration hosts the Miss Illinois Festival Pageant. The pageant serves as a wonderful opportunity for young women to gain skills in public speaking, interviewing, and being comfortable in front of an audience.

The pageant awards prizes donated by local businesses. The new queen will spend her year making appearances throughout Macon County, the State of Illinois, and will be the official hostess of the 2018 Decatur Celebration.

There are four age divisions for young ladies to participate in:

Miss Illinois Festival Queen – Ages 17 to 22
Illinois Festival Junior Miss – Ages 14 to 16
Illinois Festival Pre Teen – Ages 10 to 13
Illinois Festival Princesses – 5 to 9 (Every princess wins, there is no competition)


9.  Celeroochelooza Area- Exclusive for 15-20 year olds

10.  Human Hamster Balls

Corner of William and Water St.


11.  Decatur Celebration Adorable Baby Contest

Saturday, August 6 | Central Park Stage | Registration 12 Noon | Begins 1:30 | $10


Saturday, August 5, 2017 

Registration at 12 Noon at Central Park Stage 

Contest begins at 1:30 pm at the Central Park Stage

Decatur Celebration hosts the 3rd Annual Adorable Baby Contest.

The divisions are as follows:

Infant Miss: 0-5 months
Baby Miss: 6-11 months
Tiny Miss: 1 year old
Tiny Tot Miss: 2 year old
Petite Miss: 3 year old
Mini Miss: 4 year old

Infant Mister: 0-5 months
Baby Mister: 6-11 months
Tiny Mister: 1 year old
Tiny Tot Mister: 1 year old
Petite Mister: 3 year old
Mini Mister: 4 year old

The winner in each Age Division / Category should stay to compete for the OVERALL GRAND SUPREME WINNER!

One girl & one boy will be given a Grand Supreme Trophy

Click Here for forms


12.  St. Paul’s Family Care Oasis

Located on corner of Main St. & Water St.

Got little ones to bring to the Celebration?  Look for St. Paul’s Family Care Oasis near the Christian Stage. For the second year St. Paul’s Lutheran Church is bringing an area to the Celebration to provide convenience for families.

The Family Care Oasis will include a nursing station, diaper changing station, additional seating, and a more shaded area for families to utilize during the Celebration. The nursing station, made out of a shell structure with air conditioning, comfortable seating, shelving, and supplies, is for mothers who prefer to nurse in private. There will also be a diaper changing station for families to use and a shaded additional seating area in case you and your little ones need to cool off from the summer heat.


Everyone 13+ is required to have a wristband this year.

Click here for more information about policies and how to get a wristband!

Pictures provided by Herald and Review and the Decatur Celebration website. For more information check out the official Decatur Celebration Special Edition at Herald and Review!

Updated 8/2/16