Kroger ClickList Experience

Come chat with us as we dive into topics all about being a mom!  We will cover our favorite things in our community to mom hacks to make your life easier!  Between Carol and Bailey, they have 6 kids spanning ages 4 to 31 years!  Yes, we haven’t slept in a LONG time – that is why we will be caffeinating ourselves during every episode.  While you could say we are experts on this parenting gig – we are here to tell you …. no one is an expert!

My Kroger ClickList Experience


My Kroger ClickList Experience


There has been a lot of hype around Click List from Kroger, it opened in November at the Kroger on RT. 36 near Mt. Zion (I call it the Mt. Zion Kroger, even though I will be corrected that it is “technically” Decatur, but I digress).

This is the future. We’re in 2016. This is really happening!

You pick out all your food items, place your order, decide when it’s best to pick up at Kroger, and pay when you pick up! Here’s how it went down for my first experience.


Step One: Order

The online ordering system was very user friendly.  I did my order from the Kroger App.  My card is already linked there, and at the top of the list there were all the things I buy weekly from Kroger.  The certain bread we like, the only yogurt my kids will eat.   Even down to the specially shaped Dinosaur chicken nuggets, they were right!

There are a lot of options, obviously, because they list all their food products online! And there aren’t just apples. There are many kinds of apples, organic vs. not, bruised vs. shiny and new! But once I started ordering it was easy to see I could specify those things right when I order.

You have options on leaving Notes about products – So if you order bananas and you want them to be super green, you can write that in there, and your personal shopper will use those comments as guidance when picking out all your food. Not bad.

There is a search feature, which is nice when you don’t want to scroll through a bunch of items.

Two tips from friends that have used this service and made “mistakes”-
Make sure if you want a BUNCH of Bananas, you’ll want to buy more than ONE banana 🙂
Make sure if you do NOT want something substituted, unclick the substitution box.



Step 2: Reserve Pick Up Time

During your order or after you have finished you can reserve your pickup time. I ordered on a Monday night around 8pm, and there were only pick-up times starting the following morning at 8am. From what I can tell, you can’t order and pick-up on the same day. But that’s not a huge deal to me!

It was a clear process that was easy to navigate. Two drop-down menus are available on the screen, one for the day/date and the other for your time slot. Luckily it is an hour timeslot, and you can show up anytime in the hour. I really appreciated this window of pick-up time since I’m not always sure what our schedule looks like during the day. Once you pick a date and time, you can continue shopping or checkout.


Step Three: Checkout

Checking out lets you review your order, double check your reserved pick up time, and explains any last minute instructions. Basically, you follow the Click List signs at your Kroger and follow the directions there. It was simple at our Kroger!

You can also add onto a pending order in case you forget something. As long as you enter the additional items before midnight they can merge the orders into one.

Step Four: Pick Up

There was a huge sign that said “Click List Pick Up Here!” and blue painted arrows on the pavement making sure it was idiot-proof to find the parking spots.  I had coupons, because Kroger loves me – well ok – I shop there A LOT, and they send me coupons in the mail.  So I was sure that I got those items, plus I checked the app for additional coupons I could use with my purchases!

Following those blue painted arrows, I made my way around the side of our Kroger building and well-marked parking spots. There were instructions to call a specific number (217)864-5741 and let them know I was here! It was that simple!

My biggest worry was not actually saving time. How long would it really take to order online? Would it be a long wait to pickup the food? What do they do if the food I ordered isn’t available? Will they miss picking up something I wanted?






Here’s the breakdown:

Order Time: 22 minutes {I was watching Walking Dead and answered a few text during this order time}   This might have been my favorite part.  I could ask my husband what he wanted from the store – and I could walk to my kitchen if I needed to see if I had an item.

Pick-Up Time: 6 minutes. I didn’t time my travel to and from Kroger, since I would have to do that no matter what. So this is the time from the moment I parked in the Click List spot to the moment I drove away. This also includes reviewing my order with a Kroger employee right at my driver-side window, asking questions for next time, and having her load it all up in my car. I felt weird not helping with loading, but she said to stay in the car and enjoy it!

Total Time Invested: 28 minutes. Not bad. That cuts my food shopping trip down by about 30 minutes.

Plus, I think I’ve sat in a McDonalds drive thru for longer than 6 minutes!  Now, who is going to go home and unload all of this?!? 🙂



Step Five: Will I do it Again?

Absolutely!  I will probably by using this 2-3 times a month.  I try to shop once a week, so this is perfect for me.  I am also mainly a Kroger shopper (sorry Walmart and Aldi lovers).  A time when I think this order system would be AMAZING is coming home from out of town. Before we leave for a long weekend or vacation, I clean out the fridge. We eat everything that could spoil, and try not to waste. Which means when we come back home, we have nothing to eat besides some BBQ sauce and oatmeal. But how easy would it be to jump online and order food the night before we come home and just pick up on the way back to the house?

One thing I feel like it is important to mention, is that I feel like shopping online made me not go away from my list.  I was not tempted to order random things because I couldn’t see them looking delicious like when I enter a store.



Have you tried Click List yet? The first time is free, so what’s to lose? And after that it’s only $5, which is a pretty good deal!





Decatur Mom’s Guide to Pokémon Go



***Updated with Locations***

If you have not heard about Pokémon Go this past weekend, you may be living under a rock.  It’s the newest craze.  It is free… and even gets you out and moving!!  We jumped on the band wagon tonight.  I have a 6 year old, 5 year old and a 3 year old.  My 6 and 5 year old boys, know what Pokémon cards are and have watched select Netflix shows on them.

That being said, I know NOTHING about Pokémon.  But downloaded the app, because I like to follow trends and be a cool mom 😉 .

We set out for a walk, and my 5 year old told me this will be lame.  Fast forward one minute later he is screaming, hooting and loving finding his first Pokémon!

So, the point of this game is to catch Pokémon creatures.  The game gives you a limited amount of Pokéballs. You can trap wild Pokémon by throwing balls at them using a flicking motion with your finger. It’s extremely frustrating. Sometimes they try to resist, other times they go quietly into that good night and you are rewarded points and other goodies.

To get more Pokéballs, you walk to different “Pokéstops.”   Pokéstops are usually at interesting places around your city or community. Let’s say you were walking down Main Street, Whereverville. You might find a Pokéstop at a popular store, landmark, work of art or other point of interest.  Our first Pokéstop was Kiwanis park since we are down the street.  Rumor has it the Central Park, Fairview Park and Millikin are awesome Pokéstops.



Here are some blogs that are good reads if you are interested in learning about the app:

Keeping Kids Safe While Playing Pokemon Go (trust me, they will not care they are stopped in the middle of the street!)
Quick Guide to Pokemon Go

Pokemon Tips and Tricks Guide


Here are Decatur’s Top locations (courtesy of Allison Petty, Herald & Review)

Southwest Decatur


Lincoln site at Millikin Homestead

Shilling Hall (Millikin University)

Perkinson Music Center (Millikin University)

ADM Scovill Hall (Millikin University)

Sculpture at Kirkland Fine Arts Center

Richards Treat University Center (Millikin University)

Staley Library (Millikin University)

Westminster Presbyterian Church


First Church of Christ Scientist

One Man’s Journey (Millikin University)

Lincoln Memorial Plaque (Millikin University)

US of A (Millikin University)

Fairview Park

Civil War Memorial (in Fairview Park)

Northwest Decatur


Abundant Life Christian Church

Cresthaven Park

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

First Congregational United Church of Christ

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

Crusaders Church

LifeBuilders Church of God

YMCA Child Center

Kiwanis Pavilion

St. Johns Lutheran Church

Monroe Park

St. Thomas Catholic Church


Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

First Christian Church

Cancer Care Institute Fountain

Oscar Dorr Memorial (at DMH)

Virgin Mary Grotto (near St. Thomas Catholic Church)


Northeast Decatur


Grant Park

Starship Billiards

Knights of Columbus Park

The Grand Palace

Heartland Community Church

Blue Star Memorial Highway

Temple Baptist Church

Moundford Free Methodist Church

Mound Road Christian Church


Tate & Lyle (unclear how to access this)

Louis B. McCoy Memorial Park

Prairie Bloom (statue on Richland’s campus)

George’s Skate Center

U.S. Post Office on Mound Road

Mound Chapel Church of God

Southeast Decatur


Ivy Hill Park

Sportmans Park

Antioch Christian Church

Trinity Church of the Nazarene

Chevrolet Hall of Fame

CrossPointe Community Church


Overlook Adventure Mini Golf


Prairie Avenue Christian Church

Del Carmen’s


Fish in front of Wild Dog Saloon

Tate & Lyle

Downtown Decatur


Macon County Court Facility

Romano Co. Street Clock

Eagle Statue atop Olde City Hall

American Federation of Labor Workers Memorial

Lincoln on Couch Sculpture

In Celebration of Life (bench in front of Decatur Area Arts Council)

The Railsplitter Candidate (Lincoln site)

Choosing a President (Lincoln site)

Decatur Public Library

Music Please, Maestro! (Lincoln site)

Macon County Civil War Memorial

Downtown Clock

POW Memorial

Stephen Decatur mural

Merchant Street entrance

All You Need is Love bench (on Merchant Street)

Abraham Lincoln’s First Political Speech statue

Lincoln on the Circuit (Lincoln site)


World War II Memorial at Decatur Civic Center


Here are some pictures of us on our Pokémon Go adventure:

Copyright Bailey Broderick Photography

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Happy Birthday Decatur IL Moms!

Today is our 5th Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday Decatur IL Moms!!  I decided to have a little birthday with my kids, that are the main reason Decatur IL Moms exists.  Plus we invited a friend and one of my right hands Jami Hallum to the party!

Scroll below for a little walk down memory lane with me 🙂



Copyright Bailey Broderick Photography

Copyright Bailey Broderick Photography

Copyright Bailey Broderick Photography

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Copyright Bailey Broderick Photography

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June 23rd, 2011… it had been months that I had been thinking about making a website that would feature everything for families in one spot for Decatur.  I bought the domain name on June 23rd… knew a smudge about making a website and I set off to make this idea a reality.

I can remember back when we hit 200 followers in September of 2011, the joy and shock!

When we had our first successful event (with the longest name in history)…. “Decatur IL Moms Kids and Family Sale”…. the line was WRAPPED around the building!!!

I remember the day that DMH contacted me to talk about the organization.

I remember the day that someone came up to me at the pool and said… “wait you’re the creator of Decatur IL Moms??” And went on and on how I helped her when she was new to town.  Helped her learn about our great city and all it has to offer families.  THAT is why I wanted to make this organization and website.  Those stories never get old, they ALL touch my heart.

In 2012, there were not many Egg Hunts… and I wanted my child to attend one that they would not get trembled by older kids.  So we set out with 1,800 eggs… stuffed each in a friends basement.  And we thought we were big time.  In 2016…. we had almost 10,000 eggs!!!  WHAT?!?

I remember the moment I decided that I wanted to take a playdate I had for close friends with the movie Polar Express, I’m sure the part me friends distinctly remember was that I was the mom in my silk pajamas answering the door ready for an amazing play date of hot chocolate, crafts and the movie Polar Express.  Fast Forward to the crazy idea I had that I wanted that to become a local event….. and it SOLD OUT IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!  These moments will never cease to amaze me.  The community in Decatur will always stun me with their support.

You might notice that I always say “we” when I talk about Decatur IL Moms.  I have some wonderful friends behind the scenes that have helped me along the way.  I have a committee of 10-15 wonderful women for over three years now.  But I want to feature my right hand women.  The ones that answer all my crazy messages and don’t make me feel so insane with my ideas.

Maureen Evans… she helped me with Facebook for almost two years.  She was my sounding board for just about everything from spell check, Facebook “view” numbers, to keeping me on task!  She has now moved, and I am not so sure I’m going to stay sane without her!

Erika Phillips…. or E.

You may have noticed Decatur IL Moms  upped our game in our website and “lists” we share on Facebook.  Well Erika is behind all that.  She is the list magic maker.  She is the website queen.  She is the calendar and newsletter pro.  She has taught me sooooo much (like… you really need to work on your spacing tips!)

Anne Johnson

… another sounding board.  My Ticket mailer for Just Believe.  My Balloon Game partner.  My Mom’s Night Out person.  The first year of Just Believe she stirred EVERY SINGLE hot chocolate that was served that day by hand.  She is always there to volunteer.

Jami Hallum….

The genius behind the Just Believe decorations.  The one the helps me organize Sweet Repeats and makes me broke from her table alone.  She is a rockstar.

The rest of my committee (new and old)… you guys are amazing.  Help me every step of the way.  Thank you SOOOO MUCH!



Our viewers.  You are why I continue to do this.  I love hearing your feedback.  I love when you share and it makes me want to create more and more content.  You make me remember why Decatur is the BEST place to raise a family.



Copyright Bailey Broderick PhotographyCopyright Bailey Broderick PhotographyCopyright Bailey Broderick PhotographyCopyright Bailey Broderick Photography


Happy Birthday Decatur IL Moms 🙂


Polar Express Tickets




Tickets for the Monticello Railway Museum‘s Polar Express go on sale — exclusively online — on Saturday, June 4 at 8am.




Tickets will go on sale at 8 a.m on their website.



The trains routinely sell out in a matter of minutes and the Museum strongly recommends purchasing your seats immediately when they go on sale. No tickets will be sold by phone or in person.

The Polar Express will be offered over four weekends from November 19th-December 10th.

Dates: Friday, November 18; Saturday, November 19; Sunday, November 20; Friday, November 25; Saturday, November 26; Sunday, November 27; Friday, December 2; Saturday, December 3; Sunday, December 4; Friday, December 9; Saturday, December 10, 2016.


Read along with the story as the train makes its round-trip journey to the North Pole. Meet Santa and enjoy caroling, hot chocolate, surprises and a treat. And, for those who believe, a special gift for each child.

The train ride is approximately an hour in length. Children are encouraged to wear their pajamas.


A coach ticket is $35 per rider, ages 2 and up. Only ticketed passengers will have seats reserved. Children under age 2 must ride on an adult’s lap or have their own ticket.  Special coach tickets are being offered this year for $50 per rider. The terms are the same as coach, but you get to keep a special Polar Express hot chocolate mug.

The deluxe class price is $280 for a table of four in a restored Illinois Central dining car, and includes the train ride for up to four passengers of any age. They will not sell partial tables.




Other events at Monticello with Santa:

Lunch with Santa on the Train – Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4, 2016Enjoy a visit with Santa Claus while eating a kid-friendly sack lunch. This event is hosted by the Monticello Chamber of Commerce.



For more details about The Polar Express™, check out the frequently asked questions, or visit If you have further questions about The Polar Express™, please email us.




Here are some pictures from our trip last year!

polarexpressWEB-700x357 12240193_10103192424343050_5464129371528930128_o

Copyright Bailey Broderick Photography

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